About the band

The Jones Sisters Band from Linwood, North Carolina plays a style of music that's geared more towards bluegrass gospel with a Celtic flair, a hint of old country, and an emphasis on sibling harmonies. They have been playing as a band for six years, and their mission is to bring glory and praise to their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and to encourage kids and young adults like themselves to pursue their musical talents. The band consists of four talented individuals who have each been playing since a young age. 

Tori Jones, whose main instrument is the fiddle, also plays the mandolin and guitar, she is twenty years old. She leads most of the songs, but her talents do not stop there, she also sings quite a beautiful harmony. She’s been playing fiddle for fifteen years and enjoys a wide variety of genres ranging from Celtic to classical all the way to pop. While she loves performing on stage, she has developed a love and a passion for teaching. She teaches classical and bluegrass fiddle in a music studio, as well as from her home. Her main aspiration is to be the hands and feet of Christ and to inspire kids to strive for Him and to love playing music. 

Katie Jones is eighteen years old and keeps everyone in time with the upright bass. Katie adds the smiles and laughter to the band, as well as low harmony and the occasional lead in vocals. She has a knack for photography and enjoys taking pictures for the band as well as for her own personal work. She began playing bass at eleven years old and has since picked up the ukulele as well. The band has yet to add the ukulele to the group, but maybe in the future will try a bluegrass spin on it… 

Elli Jones is fourteen years old and enjoys playing rhythm guitar. She's the comedian of the group and incorporates entertainment as well as talent into the sets. Though she is the youngest, she doesn’t lack in talent with her beautiful and bold voice. You will often find her singing harmony, but don’t be fooled by her sweet tenor voice; her confident lead vocals are just as good. While she may be focused on music now, she aspires to become a veterinarian while sharing the love of Christ with people. 

John Lee is 17 years old, he completes the bluegrass sound by adding the bluegrass banjo. He has been playing for about 9 years and currently takes lessons with Grammy-winning banjoist, Mr. Craig Smith. He's won multiple awards, including third place in the Youth Banjo competition at Union Grove Fiddler’s Convention in 2016, and fifth place at Galax’s Old Time Fiddler’s Convention in 2016. John’s other pastimes include hunting, fishing, and spending time with family and friends.  He is an active member of Back Creek Presbyterian Church and you will find him most Sundays in the balcony running the sound system.  He also is active with the church youth fellowship and the Mexico Mission’s Team.